Capacity India & SAARC 2019

  • 0830h
  • Registration and Welcome Coffee
  • 0930h
  • Capacity Media Welcome
  • 0935h
  • Official Opening of Capacity India & SAARC 2019
  • Keynote Presentations
  • 0945h
  • The Evolving Landscape of Telecoms in India – Preparing for a Digital Future
  • 0955h
  • A Digital Platform for Wholesale Business
  • 1005h
  • Re-Defining Experience through Artificial Intelligence
  • 1015h
  • Implementation and Innovation in IOT
  • 1025h
  • Future Projects: Wi-Fi Hot Spots, Next Generation Networks and Smart City Infrastructure
  • 1035h
  • Morning Coffee Break
  • 1115h
  • Keynote Panel Discussion:
    Consolidation and Consumption: Trends and Forecasts for Telecoms in India & SAARC

    Led by global carriers, this discussion will address the impact of M&A on the telecoms landscape, consumer demand for data and quality of service, the new players, products and services emerging, as well as the latest developments in voice and data services and where growth will come from in the India & SAARC region.
    • How is the India & SAARC region anticipated to develop in the next 5 years and how will change be implemented?
    • What are the key challenges for growth in the region?
    • How are carriers preparing for increased bandwidth demand?
    • How does this demand affect trading in voice and data?
    • How can margins on voice services be increased?
    • What is the impact of mergers and acquisitions in the market and who is stepping into the breach now?
    • How are networks preparing for 5G and IoT?
    • How is India leveraging international partnerships to drive the Digital India initiative forwards?
    • How are concerns about cyber security being integrated into investment projects to raise awareness and help change behaviour?
  • 1200h
  • Panel Discussion:
    On Demand: Preparing Networks for High Quantity, High Quality Delivery of Gaming and Streaming Channels

    With the mobile gaming and video streaming industry booming, there is a necessity for telecoms service providers to update and enhance their infrastructure, to ensure quality of service and customer satisfaction. This panel will explore:
    • What innovations have been proposed to ensure product and service offerings measure up to the high expectations of the new generation?
    • How do you balance risk and reward in terms of long term planning for hosting and distributing content, amidst the buzz of launching and monetising a new app proposition?
    • How are security measures implemented in this space?
    • How do networks prepare for an unprecedented demand surge, for example when a game goes viral?
    • Following July 2018’s adoption of net neutrality as policy by the Telecom Regulatory Association of India, what lessons can be learned by the international telecoms community about implementing net neutrality and what impact does this have on gaming or streaming?
  • 1245h
  • Lunch and Networking Opportunity
  • Presentations:
    Regional Spotlight: South Asia and India

    An exploration of technological investment and trade relationships between India and other South Asian countries.
  • 1400h
  • Case Study 1: The Nepalese Perspective on the Belt & Road Initiative
  • 1415h
  • Case Study 2: 5G Innovation in Sri Lanka
  • 1430h
  • Case Study 3: Changing Dynamics in Bangladesh
  • 1445h
  • Case Study 4: Network Development in Bhutan
  • Cable Development Case Studies:
    Increasing demand for connectivity in India and South Asia requires more infrastructure to carry data, which has resulted in plenty of investment and new developments in subsea and terrestrial projects in the region.
  • 1500h
  • Case Study 5: From Asia to Africa
  • 1510h
  • Case Study 6: Round the World with SAEx1 & 2
  • 1520h
  • Case Study 7: 4 Cables, 2 Continents, 1 Strategic Partnership
  • 1530h
  • Afternoon Tea Break
  • 1600h
  • Moving Messaging Forwards
    The evolution of messaging from SMS to omni-channel messaging is an exciting development in the messaging ecosystem. This session will explore future developments in technology and functionality for enterprise messaging.
    • What messaging channels are being used?
    • How can diversified messaging services strengthen quality of service?
    • How can we get consumers more engaged in using messaging?
    • Which sectors are developing most in terms of A2P messaging and how are operators adapting to this demand?
    • What are the opportunities in transactional messaging compared to promotional messaging?
    • How are AI and chatbots impacting the development of messaging?
    • Is there an awareness of the potential of RCS in India and if so, how is this progressing?
  • 1645h
  • Panel Discussion:
    Opportunities for Interconnection in India & Beyond

    With over 5 IXPs established across India and many more in the SAARC region, there are plenty of opportunities and choices in interconnection for local and international ISPs, CDNs and Interconnection Service Providers. This session will explore the internet ecosystem for content peering and questions such as:
    • How do providers share traffic across different networks?
    • What do ISPs look for in an interconnection opportunity?
    • Is there a need for local ISPs providing niche local content to establish PoPs with international IXPs and if so, why?
    • How variable is latency between operators interconnecting with IXs and how can this be improved?
    • Are there any instances of de-peering and how has this affected the ecosystem?
    • How does CDN peering stand to affect interconnection for ISPs in India?
  • 1730h
  • Capacity India & SAARC Evening Drinks Reception

Datacloud India & SAARC 2019

  • 0830h
  • Registration Opens
  • 0930h
  • Chair’s Opening Remarks
  • 0940h
  • Opening Presentation: Digital Innovation as an Economic Foundation
    Digitisation has become a cornerstone of economic strategy for nations across the region, with India standing as a key example. What does it mean to evolve as a digital economy? What is the direct economic impact? Where are the key case studies? And what investment, technology and education is required to enable this?
  • 1000h
  • Market Analysis: Understanding the India & SAARC Data Center and Cloud Sectors
    Exploring some of the key themes in the expansion of the India & SAARC data center and cloud infrastructure sectors.
  • 1030h
  • India & SAARC Data Center and Cloud Leaders Roundtable
    Leaders from across the India & SAARC region discuss the latest trends and developments in the data center and cloud infrastructure sector. Covering business strategy, emerging technologies, the impact of legislation and forecasts for key markets in a regional and global context.
  • 1110h
  • Morning Coffee Break
  • 1140h
  • Panel Discussion: Opportunities in Data Center and Cloud Technologies – M&A, Investment Trends and Risk Management
    Highlighting current Investment trends for infrastructure finance and the outlook in the sector. Where are we seeing the most activity in the regional market? What is driving appetite? How are emerging technologies and also risk affecting investment?
  • 1200h
  • Case Study Presentation
  • 1240h
  • Panel Discussion: The Impact of Edge on Data Center and Cloud Services
    Edge infrastructure is highlighted as the great enabler of data intensive, latency and availability critical services at compute requirements at the extremes of the network, such mobile computing and IoT. From the cloud through micro data centers and tower infrastructure, networks, to the very extremes of distributed devices, applications and nodes – edge will have an impact at each stage IT infrastructure value chain. What is the impact on incumbent players? Where are the new opportunities? Can we identify the applications for edge infrastructure?
  • 1320h
  • Networking Lunch
  • 1430h
  • Afternoon Keynote Presentation
  • 1450h
  • Panel Discussion: Connectivity Requirements to Enable the Digital Ecosystem
    Connectivity sits at the heart of the digital economy. How will operators bring free transit to the region through Fibre and Peering? Growth plans for connectivity, local and offshore hosting, and subsea connectivity. How will innovative Fibre and Satellite Broadband solutions succeed?
  • 1530h
  • Panel Discussion: Data Center Design, Construction and Operation Challenges
    The drive for digital continues to see exponential need for compute capacity and as industry and policy see further metropolitan and regional IT hubs develop, the infrastructure to support this must develop in parallel. What is the impact of increased demand on existing data center infrastructure? How can the industry coordinate with the grid to ensure a sustainable, long-term strategy for the sector? Is the supply-chain in place to support data center expansion? What is the impact of emerging technologies, such as IoT, AI and edge services on data center operations?
  • 1610h
  • Afternoon Coffee Break
  • 1640h
  • Panel Discussion: Understanding Enterprise Cloud and Data Center Service Sourcing Priorities
    Digital business initiatives are increasingly driving a cloud-first policy to ensure reliable, innovative and cost effective solutions for business operations. Our panel explores the enterprise digital journey is evolving, the infrastructure models adopted and what impact emerging technologies will have on enterprise IT infrastructure and cloud deployments.
  • 1720h
  • Closing Keynote Presentation
  • 1750h
  • Chair’s Concluding Remarks
  • 1800h
  • Close of Conference