Thought Leadership and insight from Mustapha Louni the Managing Director of Middle East and Africa at The Uptime Institute

1. What do you see as the future drivers for the industry in India?

Mustapha Louni

The future drivers for the data center market in India are about making sure that the explosive digital needs in emerging economies with large populations like India are met. We see India as the second largest market for data center infrastructure as well as the second fastest growing market after China. Most of the demand is coming from the larger metropolitan areas of India.  There is tremendous growth and the opportunity to help ensure that needs are met.

1. What regions within SAARC do you see as primed for IT asset expansion?

The entire area is seeing growth and maturation as these emerging markets begin to evolve and participate in the digital economy. Of these, India is the clear leader as well as the major population hub. Expanding digital needs are coming from large metropolitan cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and from Bengaluru. Bangalore or Bengaluru has established itself as the Silicon Valley of India, with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, many start-ups and an excellent technical workforce. The city has turned itself into an IT hub and an exciting and major force in the industry. We see corresponding data center builds increasing in India to support the growth.

We also are beginning to see growth in areas like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and more interest coming from most of the SAARC countries. Digital transformation is happening in most markets.

2. What is one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?

Uptime Institute plans to grow in the India and SAARC market in 2019. As I’ve mentioned, we see much opportunity in this region, and we are excited about the activity that we are seeing. We are staffing accordingly to help meet the demand. We are also considering opening an office in India. We are honored to work with such outstanding companies as Ricoh, Mahanagar Telephone, ICICI Bank, UDAI Government of India, BSNL, Infrastructure Development Finance, Bridge Data Centres, Sify Technologies and ST Telemedia Global Data Centres to name just a few. I see much infrastructure growth ahead for India and the SAARC countries, and we are pleased to be here at DataCloud India.

3. How can our sector help to improve society?

There are many things that our sector can do to improve society. I believe that we’ve made a start, but this is something that will take time and we will continue to build and improve over time. Sustainability is certainly a key area. We as an industry have made some headway in areas like power consumption, reduced carbon footprints, solar panels, cooling methods, and more. We need to use less energy and less water. There is more that can be done, and we are just starting to scratch the surface.

Another area is staffing. Our industry is facing a shortage of skilled workers and we need to get creative about reaching new groups of workers as well as better training methods.  We need to help our society and our industry by becoming a much more diverse industry and helping to educate the workforce about our industry. Some colleges are now offering post-graduate degrees in the data center discipline. This will help us to start breaking through and educating people about the opportunities in our industry today. 


Mr. Mustapha Louni will be at the Datacloud India 2019 in New Delhi on the 13th of February