Edge Forum

  • 1230h
  • Registration & Networking Lunch
  • 1330h
  • Welcome Remarks – Edge Forum
    Sophia Simpson, Product Developer, BroadGroup
  • 1335h
  • Keynote Presentation: 5G: Driving the Digital Revolution
    Ajay Mishra, Digital Transformation Consulting Director, Ericsson
  • 1350h
  • Panel Discussion: Solving the Infrastructure Challenges to Allow the Realization of Edge
    - Data, network and nodes – how much data is being generated in India and what are the existing network capabilities, including wireless connectivity and WiFi nodes?
    - Diffusion of front-end devices and sensors
    - Deployment of Edge cabinets, containers or modular datacentres
    Moderated Discussion:
    - How can collaboration and partnerships promote connectivity in rural areas through edge infrastructure?
    - What are the security challenges posed by storing and computing at the network edge?
    - Given the Cyber risks in today’s digital world, how are data centers coping with the challenge of managing the Cyber Security risks to protect the data using latest technologies based on AI/ML?
    - How are cloud providers managing data privacy risks and ensuring compliance to both local and global data privacy regulations in the GDPR era?
    - What should be the pathway to achieve “Edge India”?
    Moderator: Ranjeeth Bellary, Associate Partner, EY
    Prakash Advani, Co-Founder & CEO, PicoNets
    Adnyesh Dalpati, CTO, 4 Marketing Technology Venture
    Arif Khan, Co-Founder, VoerEir
    Chetan Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Aikaan Labs
    Sampath Manickam, VP Data Centre & Jio Media, Reliance JIO
    Seema Ambastha, Senior EVP & Chief Sales Office, NTT-Netmagic
  • 1440h
  • Keynote Presentation: The 4 Edge Archetypes
    Tony Gaunt, Senior Director, Colocation, Cloud & BFSI, Vertiv Asia & India
  • 1500h
  • Afternoon Tea & Networking Break
  • 1600h
  • Visionary Keynote: Transforming India’s Digitalization with Edge Computing
    The Keynote will define the concept of Edge and propose a vision of the way to achieve fully deployed Edge-as-a-Service, driving powerful, low-latency computing closer to the end-user.
    Ankesh Kumar, GM - Marketing, Schneider Electric
  • 1620h
  • Panel Discussion: The Smart Way to Travel: Connecting Cars & Commercial Fleet Solutions at the Edge
    Powered by a combination of technologies including AI, IoT, machine learning, natural language processing and cloud computing, connected cars have the potential to revolutionise travel. There are also significant opportunities for commercial fleets to benefit from the distribution of edge devices and optimise operational efficiency. Security and guaranteed in-car connectivity are essential to making this exciting technology ubiquitous. Hybrid connectivity and edge facilities could be the answer.
    Moderator: Gaurav Khera, Director, Risk Advisory, Deloitte
    Kumar Ranjan, VP Strategy & Telematics, drivebuddyAI
    Dr Suresh Shan, Head – Innovation & Future Technologies, Business Information Technology Solutions, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services
    Magesh Srinivasan, VP Fleet Management Solutions, WABCO India
  • 1700h
  • Presentation: Applying Edge to the Everyday – The Manufacturing Use Case
    How can Edge enhance business operations in different sectors?
    How does Edge compare to alternative technologies from a cost perspective?
    Rajesh Panchal, CIO, Punjab Chemicals & Crop Proctection
  • 1715h
  • Panel Discussion: The Cutting Edge of Technology is a Competitive Place
    Edge is an exciting buzzword, and there is huge potential behind the hype. There are different business models and scales of expansion, but when it comes down to putting money on the table, how can this technology be monetised and which are the players that will come to dominate the market? What are the differentiators that make an investment worth making?
    Moderator: Dalia Adib, Principal Consultant & Practice Head – Edge Computing, STL Partners
    Bhavesh Lakhani, CTO, SBI Mutual Fund
    Tri Pham, CSO, Tata Communications
    Neelakantan Venkatraman, Chief Business Officer, AlefEdge
    Vivek Zakarde, Segment Head - Technology (Head BI & DWH), Indian Insurance Company
  • 1800h
  • Edge Forum Reception

Datacloud India

  • 0830h
  • Registration and Welcome Coffee
  • 0930h
  • Broadgroup Welcome
    Sophia Simpson, Product Developer, BroadGroup
  • 0935h
  • Official Opening of Datacloud India 2020
    Sumnesh Joshi, Assistant Director General, Unique Identification Authority of India
  • 0945h
  • Assessing the Key Drivers of Data Growth in India
    BroadGroup Insight: Data Centre Deployment in India – Current Market Landscape & Forecasts
    Philip Low, Chairman, BroadGroup

    Keynote: The New Data Protection Bill & What it Means for Data Centres, Enterprises & Consumers
    Khushbu Jain, Advocate, Supreme Court of India
  • 1025h
  • Keynote Presentation: Data Centres 2020 & Beyond – Hybrid, Hyper-scale, Hyper-converged
    Sharad Sanghi, MD and CEO, NTT-Netmagic
  • 1045h
  • Morning Coffee & Networking
  • 1110h
  • Keynote: Data Centre – Evolving Era in the Indian Market
    R Balakrishnan, Head EDRC Design Data Centres, L&T
  • 1130h
  • Keynote Panel Discussion: Meeting the Challenges Posed by Exponential Growth in Demand for Cloud Services
    This panel will explore questions of power infrastructure and real estate. Selected experts will discuss the current availability of power, especially carbon neutral energy, how existing power infrastructure can meet growing demand, the focus of power investment, and universal distribution across India, as well as availability and affordability of land, how to reduce capex on real estate acquisition and key factors to consider in site selection.
    Moderator: Alex Rabbetts, Managing Director, EUDCA
    Tony Gaunt, Senior Director, Colocation, Cloud & BFSI, Vertiv Asia & India
    Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner & CEO, Yotta Infrastructure
    Abhishek Krishna, I.A.S, Jt CEO (IT), MIDC
    Sumit Mukhija, CEO, STT GDC India
    Sujit Panda, CTIO, BDx Data Centers
    Narendra Sen, Founder & CEO, RackBank Datacenters
  • 1200h
  • Keynote: Supercharging India’s Digital Infrastructure
    Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner & CEO, Yotta Infrastructure
  • 1220h
  • Panel Discussion: Forging Partnerships: Co-Location & Hyperscale Development in India
    As India expands its digital infrastructure, global hyperscale players will be assessing the potential for partnerships that provide high grade facilities driven by renewable energy for long term contracts. Co-operation between local and international players could forge opportunities that will provide significant growth vectors for the market, through the creation of new data centre eco systems, Edge facilities and renewable power investment.
    - What are the criteria used in assessing data centre suitability for hyper-scale development?
    - How will colocation players be to deliver renewable energy at scale?
    - Where will investment be made?
    Moderator: Alex Rabbetts, Managing Director, EUDCA
    Sanjay Bhutani, SVP & Head of Data Centre Business, Adani Enterprise
    Sujeet Deshpande, President & Country Head of India, Colt Data Centre Services
    Sreejith G, AVP & Head - Data Centre Operations, Sify Technologies
    Rajat Malhotra, COO - West Asia, JLL
    Nitin Mishra, Senior EVP & Chief Product Officer, NTT-Netmagic
    Kalyan Muppaneni, Chairman & CEO, PI
  • 1250h
  • Panel Discussion: International Investment in Indian Data Centres
    This panel discussion will bring together international investors, objective observers and local players to discuss who is leading consolidation and investment, what are the go/ no go factors in market entry and how investment will improve connectivity and services to an underserved market. The panellists will make suggestions of key differentiators for go-to market strategy in a competitive and acquisitive market.
    Moderator: Jonathan Atkin, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets
    Vishesh Gupta, SVP & Head of TMT & Healthcare Investment Banking Dept., Asia, SMBC Singapore
    Shankar Jadhav, Managing Director, BSE Investments & Head of Strategy, Bombay Stock Exchange
    Ajay Mishra, Digital Transformation Consulting Director, Ericsson
    Sander Mutsaers, Managing Director, Natixis
    Mayank Srivastava, Global Head of Strategy, BDx Data Centers
    Nick Tanzi, CEO, GPX India PVT Ltd
  • 1330h
  • Lunch and Networking Opportunity
  • 1425h
  • Keynote Presentation
    Suresh Rathod, VP – Enterprise Sales, CtrlS
  • 1445h
  • Fireside Chat: The Role of the Internet Exchange in Facilitating Edge & Data Centre Growth
    Internet exchanges are emerging as a driving force for growth in the data centre market, and support edge infrastructure, as well, because their fundamental purpose is to move content closer to local users, within local network infrastructures. The session will explore how the fabric of the Internet is changing and how Internet exchanges can support the process of shifting mind-sets and infrastructure to where the data is computed, at the edge.
    Moderator: Dean Nelson, Founder and Chairman, Infrastructure Masons
    Marco Brandstaetter, Regional Director Middle East & South Asia, DE-CIX
    Raunak Maheshwari, Director, Extreme Group
    Manoj Paul, Managing Director, GPX Global Systems
    Harsha Ram, Head of Network Business, AM-SIX India
  • 1530h
  • Panel Discussion: Building the Infrastructure to Support a Multi-Cloud Environment & Connect India with the Rest of the World
    Data localisation and market-specific challenges aside, we wouldn’t be here, if there wasn’t content and data travelling in and out of India. Due to exponential growth in demand, significant investment is going into the tangible assets that make cloud services possible, including deployment of FTTH and cross-border fibre networks, hardware, power supply, satellite launches and expanding subsea optical cable networks.
    - Are the existing networks and infrastructure sufficient to serve current demand and how are operators keeping up with the pace of change in consumer demands?
    - How are data centre operators collaborating with connectivity providers to improve service to their customers, including low latency and security?
    - What are the major infrastructure projects underway, which will revolutionise inflow and outflow of data to India?
    Moderator: Mustapha Louni, Managing Director Middle East & Africa, Uptime Institute
    Praveen Agarwal, VP & Head of Business, Airtel
    Uday Sikka, Head of Carrier Relations India & SAARC, China Telecom Global
    Tarun Singh, Senior Advisor of International Business, HGC
    Sachin Waingankar, AVP & Head of Cloud, WebWerks India
  • 1610h
  • Keynote Presentation: Edge & Micro Edge Infrastructure for Emerging Technologies
    Sudipta Sanyal, Design Head – Data Center (Global), Sterling & Wilson
  • 1630h
  • Afternoon Tea & Networking Break
  • 1650h
  • Panel Discussion: Optimising your Data Centre Design
    Technical experts will debate the pros and cons of innovations and new developments in security, cooling solutions and green energy to ensure reliable and cost-effective data centre operations.
    Moderator: NK Singh, Senior Director, Uptime Institute
    Chitranjan Kesari, CEO & CIO, Netlynx Technologies
    Sanjay Motwani, VP APAC & Japan, Raritan & Serve Technology
    Dean Nelson, Founder and Chairman, Infrastructure Masons
    Anindya Purkayastha, Director – Colo Business, Schneider Electric
    Edward Whitney, Design Director, AirTrunk
  • 1730h
  • Fireside Chat: The Role of Cloud in Facilitating Future Technologies
    It is essential for enterprises to understand the convergence of cloud computing, LTE networks and AI, in order to develop a successful IoT strategy. We stand to benefit greatly from the application of exciting technologies such as AI, M2M and IoT across multiple industries.
    - How do we integrate these services with cloud-based platforms to harness their full potential?
    - How can we protect against cloud outages, to ensure seamless service for mission-critical applications?
    - What are the security implications of sensitive data being stored on the cloud on a large scale?
    Moderator: Srinivas Velamuri, Founder & Managing Director, Heterodyne Consulting
    Kunal Ganghakhedkar, Solutions Engineering Leader, Salesforce
    Manav Kapoor, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, IdeaBridge
    Aditee Rele, Director – Cloud Solutions & Partner Strategy, Microsoft India
  • 1800h
  • Datacloud India Evening Reception