Edge Forum

  • 1230h
  • Registration & Networking Lunch
  • 1330h
  • Welcome Remarks – Edge Forum
  • 1335h
  • Visionary Keynote: Transforming India’s Digitalization with Edge Computing
    The Keynote will define the concept of Edge and propose a vision of the way to achieve fully deployed Edge-as-a-Service, driving powerful, low-latency computing closer to the end-user.
  • 1350h
  • Panel Discussion: Solving the Infrastructure Challenges to Allow the Realization of Edge
    - Data, network and nodes – how much data is being generated in India and what are the existing network capabilities, including wireless connectivity and WiFi nodes?
    - Diffusion of front-end devices and sensors
    - Deployment of Edge cabinets, containers or modular datacentres
    Moderated Discussion:
    - How can collaboration and partnerships promote connectivity in rural areas through edge infrastructure?
    - What should be the pathway to achieve “Edge India”?
  • 1430h
  • Keynote Presentation: Edge as an Accelerator for 5G Deployment
    This Keynote will present Edge as an essential part of the technological make-up of viable 5G networks.
  • 1445h
  • Technical Presentation: Decentralized Computing, Backhaul & Latency
    This session will address technical questions, such as why there is an increasing need for low-latency in computing and how AI could assist with prioritising the most important data to be backhauled to a metro facility.
  • 1500h
  • Afternoon Tea & Networking Break
  • 1530h
  • Presentations: Future Edge Deployment Plans in India
    Conversion of Switching Centres into Edge Facilities
    Deployment of Edge Facilities in the Context of Smart Cities
  • 1550h
  • Panel Discussion: Applying Edge to the Everyday
    E-Commerce Use Case
    Pharmaceuticals/ Health Tech Use Case
    E-Government Use Case
    Manufacturing Use Case

    How can Edge enhance business operations in different sectors?
    How does Edge compare to alternative technologies from a cost perspective?
  • 1630h
  • Panel Discussion: The Smart Way to Travel: Connecting Cars at the Edge
    Powered by a combination of technologies including AI, IoT, machine learning, natural language processing and cloud computing, connected cars have the potential to revolutionise travel. Security and guaranteed in-car connectivity are essential to making this exciting technology ubiquitous. Hybrid connectivity and edge facilities could be the answer.
  • 1715h
  • Keynote Presentation: Looking Forward: An AI-Driven Strategy for Enterprises in India
    This session will provide insight on deploying cohesive infrastructure to empower developers to build AI software to monitor nodes at the network edge.
  • 1730h
  • Panel Discussion: The Cutting Edge of Technology is a Competitive Place
    Edge is an exciting buzzword, and there is huge potential behind the hype. There are different business models and scales of expansion, but when it comes down to putting money on the table, how can this technology be monetised and which are the players that will come to dominate the market? What are the differentiators that make an investment worth making?
  • 1815h
  • Edge Forum Reception

Datacloud India

  • 0830h
  • Registration and Welcome Coffee
  • 0930h
  • Broadgroup Welcome
  • 0935h
  • Official Opening of Datacloud India 2020
    The vision for Maharashtra as the new Singapore; a one-stop shop for datacentre investment
  • 0945h
  • Assessing the Key Drivers of Data Growth in India
    Keynote: Update on the Proposed Data Localisation Legislation

    Keynote: Empowering India through the Digital India Initiative

    Keynote: Mobile Connectivity & the Applications Encouraging User Growth

    Keynote: The Potential of E-Commerce and Local Content

    Keynote: Establishing the E-Estonia Model in India
  • 1025h
  • BroadGroup Insight: Data Centre Deployment in India – Current Market Landscape and Forecasts
  • 1045h
  • Morning Coffee & Networking
  • 1115h
  • Panel Discussion: Meeting the Challenges Posed by Exponential Growth in Demand for Cloud Services
    This panel will explore questions of power infrastructure and real estate. Selected experts will discuss the current availability of power, especially carbon neutral energy, how existing power infrastructure can meet growing demand, the focus of power investment, and universal distribution across India, as well as availability and affordability of land, how to reduce capex on real estate acquisition and key factors to consider in site selection.
  • 1150h
  • Panel Discussion: Forging Partnerships: Co-Location & Hyperscale Development in India
  • 1230h
  • Panel Discussion: International Investment in Indian Data Centres
    This panel discussion will bring together international investors, objective observers and local players to discuss who is leading consolidation and investment, what are the go/ no go factors in market entry and how investment will improve connectivity and services to an underserved market. The panellists will make suggestions of key differentiators for go-to market strategy in a competitive and acquisitive market.
  • 1330h
  • Lunch and Networking Opportunity
  • 1430h
  • Presentation: The Transformation of Enterprise Computing: Making the Transition to Multi-Cloud and “As-a-Service” Solutions
  • 1445h
  • Presentation: The E-Commerce Factor in India’s Internet Expansion
  • 1500h
  • Afternoon Tea & Networking Break
  • 1530h
  • Fireside Chat: The Role of the Internet Exchange in Facilitating Edge & Data Centre Growth
    Internet exchanges are emerging as a driving force for growth in the data centre market, and support edge infrastructure, as well, because their fundamental purpose is to move content closer to local users, within local network infrastructures. The session will explore how the fabric of the Internet is changing and how Internet exchanges can support the process of shifting mind-sets and infrastructure to where the data is computed, at the edge.
  • 1600h
  • Panel Discussion: Connecting the Clouds: Building the Infrastructure to Support a Multi-Cloud Environment
    Significant investment is going into the tangible assets that make cloud services possible, from rolling out FTTH networks and launching satellites to expanding subsea optical cable networks.
    - How are data centre operators collaborating with connectivity providers to improve service to their customers?
    - What are the major infrastructure projects underway, which will revolutionise inflow and outflow of data to India?
  • 1645h
  • Panel Discussion: Cooling Systems for Data Centres
    Technical experts will debate the pros and cons of innovations and new developments in cooling solutions, including liquid and immersion cooling to ensure reliable and cost-effective data centre operations.
  • 1730h
  • Panel Discussion: Perspectives & Predictions: The Near Future for Data Centres in India
    The market leaders will assess the current status of the market and make their proposals on data centre developments and potential outcomes in the next 12 months.
  • 1800h
  • Datacloud India Evening Reception