Narendra Sen
Founder & CEO
RackBank Datacenters

Narendra Sen is the Managing Director and founder of RackBank Datacenters Pvt Ltd – Central India’s first premium green data center – a 35,000 square feet infrastructure. He is the brain behind India’s first Data Centre Park, a 100-acre project of Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation (MPSEDC) of the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Prominent Participations

- He was the youngest entrepreneur to have been nominated as a participant in a Business Delegation led by Honourable President of India Pranab Mukherjee in Sweden in June 2015.
- Mr Sen was invited to be a panel speaker on a discussion on the topic ‘Innovate, Grow and Make in India’ held on June 2nd 2015 in Stockholm, Co-hosted by India Unlimited. He spoke with a focus on the scope of data center market in India which is reaching 2.03 billion this year.

Involvement in Government projects/Policy making

- Mr Sen helped approve Rs 40 crore for Data Centre Park project from the Government of Madhya Pradesh in October 2014 after Global Investors' Meet
- He is a Cloud activist and Founding Member of the Cloud Forum of NASSCOM. As part of his responsibilities is preparing a policy framework and planning a series of training programs about cloud and data storage for educating students.
- He is actively working with the government towards policy framework of data centers and advising the government towards making a law to restrict data centers within the country and creating tax benefits for data center storage.

Other ventures:

Mr Sen also heads Emax Global – Central India’s first digital marketing company. He has 6+years of extensive experience in the field.
Leadership style: Setting examples and walking the extra mile
Motto in life: Help the government in making India Internet-equipped. Support startups through Data Center strategies. Enlighten young minds about cloud merits.
His vision: To make IT infrastructure and cloud affordable for everyone and creating world’s first data center marketplace.
Favourite quote: “You can have data without information but you cannot have information without data” – Daniel Keys Moran
Linked-in profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/narendrasen