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Incubate soft is an exclusive partner to bring Liquid Cool Solution(Server), USA to Asian markets. Liquid cool solutions is pioneers in Liquid Cooling technology for servers and IT infrastructure with 39 issued and 14 pending patents.

  • Saves Energy – Eliminates Fans in the compute area; No Air-Conditioning required
  • Conserves Water – No Water Used unless outside temperatures exceed 115oF.
  • Better Reliability and Durability – Lower Operating Temperatures; No Fans in the server.
  • Supports High Density  > 100kW per rack.
  • Virtually Silent Operation – Fan noise is eliminated.
  • Reduces Capital Cost – Saves Space and Eliminates Mechanical Refrigeration, Evaporation Cooling, Rack Fans, Air Handlers, High Ceilings, and Raised Floors.
  • Reduces Operating Cost – Total data center energy use is cut in half and over 90% of waste energy can be used for heating.
  • Reduces E-Waste  

contact: info@incubatesoft.com